Ambre Shepherd


Saturdays 9pm – 5pm

Ambre is a qualified Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies practitioner with a background in Naturopathy and over 10 years’ experience in the health food industry. As an experienced practitioner Ambre combines her caring and friendly disposition with a strong clinical focus on working with the individual to achieve an optimal therapeutic outcome. Additionally, she has undertaken a post-graduate course in Traditional Meridian Therapy – exploring the application of Japanese needling.

Ambre harnesses your own capacity to heal by facilitating a conducive environment in which the body-mind-spirit can harmonize, allowing a sense of calm and connectedness to envelop you – while also attending to your presenting symptom/s. Often, imbalances can manifest in subtle but distinct patterns, and your unique presentation will guide Ambre to an effective treatment strategy. Problems arising may include the following:
• Mood disturbances
• Digestive disorders
• Sleep problems
• Muscular tension
• Acute or chronic injuries
• Fatigue
• Headaches and/or migraines
• Fertility and hormonal imbalances
• Lowered or chronic immune conditions

Through her understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Meridian Therapy, Ambre will utilize the appropriate diagnostic tools to identify any health imbalances, including taking a thorough medical history, observing signs and symptoms, pulse qualities, and palpation. Ambre draws upon a wealth of knowledge in the application of five-element-theory, tailored acupoint combinations, and diet and/or lifestyle recommendations to consolidate your treatment – coaching your body towards optimal health.


Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
Diploma of Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies
Currently undertaking Traditional Meridian Therapy Post-Graduate Course
Member of Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia


Shiatsu (1 hour) $90
Shiatsu (1.5 Hours) $120
HICAPS & Eftpos facilities available

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